Digital health interventions such as smartphone apps aim to change people's health behaviours. They help patients to manage their condition better on a day-to-day basis and to recognise dangers to their health at an earlier stage. See the following short video on this matter:

Healthification, a short animation - What can we do to lower the socioeconomic inequalities in health?

At the Singapore-ETH Centre Future Health Techlologies for a transformation of the healthcare system towards health by prevention and a community-based and patient-centric model are developed.

At the CSS Health Lab we’re conducting research into new digital health technologies. We’re developing innovative solutions that enable people to cope better with chronic illnesses. 

Further Projects you will find on the Website of the Centre for Digital Health Interventions.

Project Overview:

  1. NRF FHT LvL UP Digital preventive therapy in Singapore
  2. NIH Sweetgoals Management of type 1 diabetes with a digital assistant
  3. SNF Sinergia MULTICAST Digital biomarkers for predicting suicidal behaviour
  4. SNF Sinergia HEADWIND Voice-based early warning system for type 1 diabetics
  5. ETH & SUVA RehabCoach Digital rehabilitation coach
  6. UZH CanRelax Digital therapeutic for people with cancer
  7. HSG Healthification Access to healthcare services for vulnerable people
  8. CSS BEDDA Digital biomarker for subclinical depression
  9. CSS DROP Prevention of non-adherence to digital therapeutics
  10. CSS Breeze Smartphone-based breathing training for mental and physical well-being
  11. CSS METABO Digital biomarkers for metabolic health
  12. Mavie Next CARE Digital business models in the care sector
  13. MTIP TRAILBLAZER Success factors of digital healthcare companies
  14. MobileCoach Development of a globally scalable DTx Design & Trial platform