Chair of Health Care Management

Prof. Dr. Alexander Geissler and his team of the Chair of Health Care Management have been active since 2020. On the following pages you will learn more about the exciting research focus and projects.


Two «Bridge Professorships»

It is not an official designation, but de facto the word «bridge professorship» probably best describes the character of the two professorships that went through the appointment committee during 2021 and will be filled in on August 01, 2022.

The academic home for the two chairs will be at the University of Zurich's School of Medicine, more specifically at the Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care. However, the workplace will be the School of Medicine of the HSG in St.Gallen. Thus, they will do the main part of their teaching as well as their research here, preferably in direct collaboration with the hospitals and other research institutions in Eastern Switzerland.

Thematically, the two chairs are located in the overlapping area of the two universities. Read more about this on the pages Digital Health Interventions and Medical Knowledge and Decision Support.