Awards and Honors

Year Distinction
2024 The LvL UP team in Singapore, led by Prof. Dr. Kowatsch, received the ISRII Poster Award for the innovative trial design of the digital preventive care intervention LvL UP at the 12th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII)
2023 Together with Marc-Robin Gruner and Anja Bischof, Prof. Dr. Kowatsch received the Fitrockr & Garmin Health EMEA Research Grant Award 2023 for the project Vogue, which investigates whether a woman's menstrual cycle her receptivity to just-in-time adaptive interventions.
2023 Prof. Dr. Kowatsch was honored with the Gold Award for the short film HEALTHIFICATION at the World Media Festivals in Hamburg, Germany. HEALTHIFICATION playfully explains how digital health interventions, through storytelling, can help lower socioeconomic inequalities in health. The film was collaboratively produced with the Swiss agency Zense.
2023 The digital preventive care intervention LvL UP; led by Prof. Dr. Kowatsch, was honored with the Silver Award at the 2023 World Media Festivals in Hamburg, Germany. LvL UP uses innovative storytelling to prevent type-2 diabetes and depression in Singaporeans by leveraging smartphone-base conversational agents and TV show episodes were collaborateively produced with the Singapoean agency Lionfish Studios
2022 The project «LvLUP - Digital Health Intervention for the Prevention of NCDs and CMDs» (Lead PI ETH Zurich: Dr. Kowatsch) has been awarded the Venture Exploration Workshop (Phase 1, 16 weeks) of the Innovation 2.0 Grant Call by the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)
2022 Together with his co-authors, Dr. Tobias Kowatsch received an ACM IMWUT Distinguished Paper Award for the article «Detecting Receptivity for mHealth Interventions in the Natural Environment»
2022 The Digital Health Project course of Dr. Kowatsch was nominated for the KITE Award 2022, which is dedicated to teaching projects developed at ETH Zurich during its semesters of remote teaching (due to COVID-19), and which also aims at recognizing the exceptional commitment of lecturers during these challenging times and honors outstanding examples. 
2019 Dr. Kowatsch received an NVIDIA GPU Grant (Titan V) for the development of an in-vehicle early warning system for individuals with type-1 diabetes with the help of machine learning algorithms and car driving data. 
2019 Under the scientific lead of Dr. Kowatsch, the digital health intervention entitled «MAX – Dein Asthmacoach» received the Intermedia-globe Grand Award in the category Web at the World Media Festivals in Hamburg, Germany. 
2019 Under the scientific lead of Dr. Kowatsch, the digital health intervention entitled «MAX – Dein Asthmacoach» received the Intermedia-globe Gold Award in the category Mobile Apps & Interactive Tools at the World Media Festivals in Hamburg, Germany.
2018 HSG Impact Award 2018 at the dies academicus of the University of St.Gallen for the Open Source Behavioral Intervention Platform MobileCoach 
2018 Intermedia-globe Gold Award of the WorldMediaFestival in Hamburg, Germany for the Health Literacy Video Clips for Children with Asthma 
2017 Outstanding Reviewer Award for his review service in the IT and Healthcare track at the Interventional Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. 
2017 Best Paper Award for T. Kowatsch, F. Wahle & A. Filler, Design and Lab Experiment of a Stress Detection Service based on Mouse Movements, The 11th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (MCIS), Genoa, Italy.
2017 Best research-in-progress nominee for T. Kowatsch, F. Wahle & A. Filler, stressOUT: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Mouse-based Stress Management Service at DESRIST 2017, Karlsruhe, Germany. 
2016 Amicitia Award for the best doctoral thesis in economic science from the University of St. Gallen 
2015 IEEE WTS Outstanding Paper Award: Filler A. Kowatsch T. Haug S. Wahle F. Staake T. Fleisch E. (2015) MobileCoach: A Novel Open Source Platform for the Design of Evidence-based, Scalable and Low-Cost Behavioral Health Interventions - Overview and Preliminary Evaluation in the Public Health Context. Wireless Telecommunications Symposium 2015 (WTS 2015), New York, USA. PDF-Link
2013 Best Exam Award by Deutsche Bundesbank for the best exam in Business Information Systems at Saarland University, Germany 
2011 Best Paper Nominee and Claudio Ciborra Award Nominee at the European Conference on Information Systems for the paper: W. Maass, T. Kowatsch, S. Janzen & U. Varshney, A Natural Language Technology-enhanced Mobile Sales Assistant for In-store Shopping Situations, ECIS 2011 Proceedings. Paper 142.
2009 Best Paper Award at the Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems for the paper: Maass, Wolfgang and Kowatsch, Tobias, «Let’s Get Married: Adoption Of Interactive Product Information For Bundle Purchases By Tangible User Interfaces» (2009). MCIS 2009 Proceedings. Paper 20.
2007 Master’s degree with distinction from Hochschule Furtwangen University