Auszug der Publikationen von Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch, Digital Health Interventions

Wissenschaftliche Artikel
2022 de Buisonjé, David R; Reijnders, Thomas; Cohen Rodrigues, Talia R; Prabhakaran, Santhanam; Kowatsch, Tobias; Lipman, Stefan A; Bijmolt, Tammo H A; Breeman, Linda D; Janssen, Veronica R; Kraaijenhagen, Roderik A; Kemps, Hareld M C & Evers, Andrea W M  (2022) Investigating Rewards and Deposit Contract Financial Incentives for Physical Activity Behavior Change Using a Smartphone App: Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 24 (10). e38339. ISSN 1438-8871
2022 Dhinagaran, Dhakshenya Ardhithy; Martinengo, Laura; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo; Joty, Shafiq; Kowatsch, Tobias; Atun, Rifat & Tudor Car, Lorainne (2022) Designing, Developing, Evaluating, and Implementing a Smartphone-Delivered, Rule-Based Conversational Agent (DISCOVER): Development of a Conceptual Framework. JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 10 (10). e38740. ISSN 2291-5222
2022 Martinengo, Laura; Jabir, Ahmad Ishqi; Goh, Westin Wei Tin; Lo, Nicholas Yong Wai; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo; Kowatsch, Tobias; Atun, Rifat; Michie, Susan & Tudor Car, Lorainne (2022) Conversational Agents in Health Care: Scoping Review of Their Behavior Change Techniques and Underpinning Theory. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 24 (10). e39243. ISSN 1438-8871
2022 Lukic, Yanick Xavier; Teepe, Gisbert Wilhelm; Fleisch, Elgar & Kowatsch, Tobias (2022) Breathing as an Input Modality in a Gameful Breathing Training App (Breeze 2): Development and Evaluation Study. JMIR Serious Games, 10 (3:e39186). ISSN 2291-9279
2022 Jacobson, Nicholas; Kowatsch, Tobias & Marsch, Lisa (ed.): Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health and Addiction: The State of the Science and Vision for the Future. London, UK: Academic Press, 2022, ISBN 978-0323900454
Kollaborationen im Auftrag von Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch & Prof. Dr. Janna Hastings
2022 Albers B, Schultes M-T, Brauchli P, Naef R, von Wyl V, Clack L. Implementation science in Switzerland: It’s time to seize the opportunity. Swiss Med Wkly [Internet]. 2022 Dec. 10 [cited 2023 Jan. 4];152(4950):40021. Available here.

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