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Study Joint Medical Master in St.Gallen (JMM-HSG/UZH)
Application deadline December to February 15 at swissuniversities
Application at swissuniversities for Bachelor University of Zürich «St.Gallen-Track»
Aptitude test According to University of Zürich
Start Master(JMM-HSG/UZH) Autumn semester in St.Gallen
Tuition The amount of tuition fees for the Bachelor's as well as the Master's program corresponds to the fee ordinance of the University of Zurich.
Study locations St.Gallen and Zürich, with most of the training taking place in St.Gallen.
Max. number of students JMM-HSG/UZH 40
Duration (number of semesters) 6 Semester
Credits 180 ECTS, of which 120 are awarded by the HSG and 60 by the UZH
Accreditation The program is accredited in accordance with the requirements of the Medical Professions Act and the Higher Education Promotion and Coordination Act.
Provider As a Joint Medical Master in St.Gallen, offered and awarded jointly by the two universities of Zurich and St.Gallen.
Main partner Kantonsspital St.Gallen (KSSG)
Network of other partners OST Ostschweizer Fachhochschule, Ostschweizer Kinderspital und Geriatrische Klinik St.Gallen (more to come)
Title/Gratuation Master of Medicine HSG UZH (MMed HSG UZH)



What makes the Joint Medical Master's unique? The Joint Medical Master in St.Gallen is a cooperation between the University of Zurich and the University of St.Gallen. The strengths of the Universities of Zurich and St.Gallen, the Cantonal Hospital of St.Gallen and the University Hospitals of Zurich as well as other partners in Eastern Switzerland form the foundation of a human medicine program with program-specific in-depth topics. Due to the size of the class, the interactive teaching methods are also characteristic of the program.
What is meant by the specialization topics in the Joint-Medical Master? The in-depth topics contribute to a demand-oriented education for optimal preparation for the modern medical profession. The following three areas are covered: primary care in the outpatient and inpatient sector, interprofessionalism, and management & governance in healthcare.
What are the roles of the different partners? The Faculty of Medicine of the UZH is academically responsible for the Joint Medical Master in St.Gallen together with the HSG. In addition, together with the Cantonal Hospital St.Gallen, it is responsible for training in the medical and natural science subjects. The HSG is responsible for the subjects in economics, law and social sciences, which are embedded in the daily medical routine of physicians. The quality assurance of the program is carried out by a joint coordination commission, which also ensures the coordination between the Bachelor's and Master's programs. It is composed of representatives of the UZH, the HSG and the KSSG.
How many study places are allocated for the Joint Medical Master? The Joint Medical Master can accept 40 students per cohort. Accordingly, the study places of the St.Gallen track for the Bachelor in Zurich are also limited.
How does the registration and admission take place? Registration for medical studies must be done via swissuniversities. Students who wish to complete the Joint Medical Master in St.Gallen register for the Bachelor program at the University of Zurich. The option University of Zurich "St.Gallen Track" must be indicated. The admission requirements of the University of Zurich apply to the Bachelor's program.
Which institution awards the degree? The degree "Master of Medicine HSG UZH (MMed HSG UZH)" is awarded jointly by the Universities of Zurich and St.Gallen.


Masters Program of the University of St.Gallen, Joint Medical Master