History of the Joint Medical Master

The Joint Medical Master JMM-HSG/UZH is the result of a decade-long political process


2023 Graduation of the first students
2020 The first students start in the Joint Medical Master in St.Gallen in autumn
2018 The Joint Medical Master bill is accepted by the electorate of the Canton of St.Gallen
2017 Government mandate: implementation of a Joint Medical Master
2015 Government mandate: Examination of variants for a master program
1984 Grand Council decides non-admission
1983 Preliminary advisory committee recommends non-admission
1983 Message from the government: advocacy of a HKM.
1982 Mandate of the Grand Council to the government to prepare a resolution of the Grand Council for the establishment of a HKM at the Cantonal Hospital St.Gallen with a joint sponsorship by the cantons SG, AR, AI, GL, GR, TG.
1980 The other cantons (except AI) exclude a financial participation
1979 Elaboration of a 2nd report on the establishment of a HKM.
1970 Withdrawal of the project on the grounds of uncertainty regarding federal aid and focus of the canton on expansion of the HSG.
1968 Message from the government with the request to create a College of Clinical Medicine (HKM) instead.
1964 Motion in the Grand Council: Establishment of an academy for continuing medical education