Master Thesis

The Master's thesis is a mandatory component of the Master's program in Human Medicine. Approval of this is a prerequisite for admission to the federal examination in human medicine. Formally, the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich (MeF UZH) is responsible for the Master's thesis of the students of the Joint Medical Masters in St.Gallen (JMM-HSG/UZH). Within the framework of the JMM-HSG/UZH, it is possible for persons interested in research from institutions in Eastern Switzerland to apply for the direction of a Master's thesis and thus submit topic proposals. The requirements for the supervision of master theses can be found in the function description under Downloads. Master thesis supervisors have sound research experience and experience in dealing with students. Submitted topics are offered to St.Gallen Track students, who can apply to work on the topics. All documents must be submitted to the School of Medicine office.

Process - Submit topic proposal Master thesis JMM-HSG/UZH

The concrete procedure depends on whether the master thesis supervisor is already habilitated at the MeF UZH. The mentioned documents as well as the forms can be found under Downloads. For further information please contact the School of Medicine.

Timing from the students' point of view

Student information by the MeF
UZH application start by students
Beginning of October of the
3rd year of study
Submission of the agreement between master thesis supervisor and student End of May of the
4th year of study
Submission of the master thesis End of October of the
6th year of study