Quality of care

Outcome transparency and its impact on quality of care in hospitals

Project description

Due to information asymmetries between patients and physicians, patients have little or no possibility to assess the treatment process and its chances of success a priori. In the past decade, it has been shown internationally that there is a strong quality variance between healthcare providers. This points to the need to make treatment quality transparent through measurement and publication, and to anchor it as a target variable in the healthcare system. At the same time, however, the measurement of quality is associated with several methodological problems and a high expenditure of resources. Knowledge about quality transparency and its impact on healthcare is fragmented, outdated and often only rudimentary. The research project aims to close the knowledge gaps, to lay the scientific foundation for political discourse, and to identify measures for further development of quality transparency. The multi-layered analysis of quality transparency will make an important contribution to the future strategy of quality measurement, publication and quality-oriented remuneration. The results will be particularly relevant to questions about the optimal use of resources in quality measurement.

Project team

Prof. Dr. Alexander GeisslerDominik MoserChristine von AhlenDr. Justus Vogel

Cooperation partners

  • TU Berlin
  • WIdO
  • Weisse Liste.de

Funding source

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)


2016 - 2022