Advanced Topics in the Study Program

The Joint Medical Master in St.Gallen combines a well-founded medical education with an innovative teaching program with the in-depth topics of primary care, interprofessionalism and management & governance. It thus offers a needs-oriented education that specifically prepares you for the modern medical profession.

The following specialization topics characterize the Joint Medical Master in St.Gallen


Basic medical care

Currently and in the future, there is a latent shortage of junior doctors in the field of outpatient primary care, especially in eastern Switzerland. With the expansion of the in-depth topic of primary care in the JMM-HSG/UZH, the Universities of St.Gallen and Zurich are participating in the federal government's campaign to promote the next generation of domestic physicians specifically in this area. The topic "Primary Care" provides at a high level those competencies, insights and contacts that are necessary for the work as a family doctor, hospitalist and pediatrician.

Interprofessional collaboration

The fields of activity are becoming increasingly complex, and the care of patients, whether outpatients or inpatients, takes place in interprofessional teams and requires interprofessional collaboration. In the in-depth topic "Interprofessionality", physicians are viewed not only as specialists in their field, but as part of teams with very heterogeneous perspectives. Students learn the different perspectives and the appreciative interaction with other professional groups as well as a learning-oriented and transparent error culture.

Management und Governance

The profession of medicine today demands much more than medical expertise. Management and leadership skills are becoming increasingly important for the practice of medicine in a complex and dynamic work environment and are demanded in depth by the professional community as an integral part of teaching. In this specialization, students are taught the knowledge relevant to tomorrow's physicians in the areas of economics and law and are shown the system-oriented interrelationships. In doing so, it imparts skills that are equally important for general practitioners and hospital physicians and that go beyond pure clinical activity.

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Management und Governance - mit Prof. Dr. Alexander Geissler | School of Medicine | JMM-HSG/UZH