Daria Bukanova-Berend

Daria Bukanova-Berend

Daria Bukanova-Berend

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin/Doktorandin


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Digitalization of the healthcare


Health Technology Assessment


2019 Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation // B.A. in Economics

2021 Higher School of Economics // M.A in Economics


Mesh Health, Project & Marketing Executive (2022)
Mental health self-assessment tool
• Developed product-led growth strategy for a digital healthcare product launch in APAC region and verified its value within corporates and non-profit organisations,
• Coordinated five different clients and internal product, marketing and sales teams to ensure the successful
product piloting, full-scale rollout and maintenance

Talent Powered Team, Product Marketer (2020-2022)
FinTech startup to ease payments for short-term business engagements
• Conducted 30 qualitative interviews with the C-level managers of retail and FoodTech in Europe to research personas, identify their specific needs and pivot the entire firm’s positioning strategy,
• Ideated and executed B2C marketing campaigns that increased lead generation by 30% month over month,
• Managed a team of seven marketers and designers to create crisp and compelling content, serving video-,
picture- and text-based platforms

Accenture, Strategy Analyst (2019-2020)
• Developed product marketing strategy for an energy company by understanding target audience via 90
customer journey maps and user feedback,
• Conducted customer development and competitive analysis to create user interface (UI) for the “Digital CFO” platform from scratch,
• Conducted research on 35 EdTech platforms from assigned markets (UK & Israel) to understand their business models and to identify their competitive advantages with the aim of incorporating the best practices into Accenture corporate education.

Weitere Informationen

Daria has obtained a solid expertise in project management, data analysis and marketing in tech
start-ups (incl. Digital Health) as well as in strategy consulting at Accenture. She has
worked with clients from various industries like Healthcare, Finance, Education in
Europe, Asia and Australia. Daria is now doing the research in Healthcare and Life
Science domains with the aim to improve the patient experience and the treatment
outcomes worldwide.