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Please find below further information on the application process for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses. If you are interested in writing a Master’s thesis with us, we highly recommend having a look at the «Boost your Master's Thesis in Health Science!»
The official guidelines of the University of St.Gallen apply to final theses. We have developed a clearly structured and transparent scheme for the evaluation of theses. Should you decide to write your thesis at the Chair of Health Economics, Policy and Management, we will be happy to share the evaluation scheme with you at the beginning of the writing process.

Special regulations apply to students of the Joint Medical Master JMM-HSG/UZH.


Topics for future theses at the chair of Health Economics, Policy and Management

These are suitable for Bachelor's and Master's theses and can be written in German or English. For each topic, an indication of whether qualitative or quantitative skills are required is given. Generally, applications from all students of management, finance, economics, international affairs, and medicine (Joint Medical Master JMM-HSG/UZH) are welcome.

Topic Skills Abstract/Project

Demand for health care services – The effect of franchise levels on health care utilization

Quantitative skills Project

Equality and access in health care – The effect of premium reduction on health care utilization

Quantitative skills Project

Hospital Capacity Planning – How do approaches differ in Switzerland (and abroad)?

Qualitative skills Project
Cost of inpatient cases – Distribution and prediction of treatment costs
Quantitative skills Abstract
Medical coding and hospital complications – What complications can be identified in routine data?
Quantitative skills Abstract
Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) – How do different countries use PROMs? What digital solutions exist?
Qualitative skills Abstract
Is there a positive relationship between procedure volume and hospital quality measured by Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)?
Quantitative skills Abstract
Digitization in the hospital sector – What role do hospital information systems play?
Qualitative skills Abstract

Introduction of a Unit Dose System Klinik Stephanshorn (client Hirslanden Klinik Stephanshorn, St. Gallen)   Project
The topics are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. If you have a topic suggestion of your own, we look forward to hearing from you. 


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