Cesarean Section Rate in Switzerland

Differences between elective and medically indicated cesarean sections

Project description

In Switzerland, approximately every third child is born by cesarean section. This figure has stagnated at this level for several years. The WHO advocates a rate between 10-15%. Any intervention rates above these levels do not offer significant added value for the woman giving birth and the child. Therefore, if there is a medical indication, this intervention can prevent possible complications and save the life of both mother and child. However, if there is no absolute need to deliver the baby by cesarean section, a spontaneous delivery usually occurs. If the woman nevertheless decides to have a cesarean section, this is called an elective cesarean section. In Germany, about 10% of all cesarean sections are classified as elective. In Switzerland, such data are currently lacking. The aim of this research project is to identify factors for the identification of elective cesarean sections and to analyze to what extent they differ from medically justified interventions.

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Anja BischofProf. Dr. Alexander Geissler

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2021 - 2022