- 09.07.2024 - 07:56 

EuHEA Conference 2024 in Vienna

The participation in the EuHEA Conference 2024 in Vienna was an inspiring experience for our team from the Chair of Health Economics, Policy and Management at the School of Medicine at the University of St.Gallen. Our group, consisting of PhD students Irene Salvi, Johannes Cordier and Daria Bukanova-Berend, as well as postdocs David Kuklinski and Justus Vogel, had the opportunity to present our latest research results and findings to an expert audience. These presentations covered a wide range of topics, from designing a clinical decision support algorithm for optimal ICU discharge decisions, to the applicability of policy learners for efficient diagnostic paths in coronary heart disease, to the cost-effectiveness of rapid recovery after joint replacement, to the potential of a PROM-based DHI to reduce cost and physician visits post-joint replacement surgery, and insights from a patient survey on the impact of self-management on COPD hospitalization patterns.

Besides presenting our research, the EuHEA Conference provided many opportunities for meaningful discussions, idea exchanges, and insights from other presentations and lectures. Furthermore, meeting fellow researchers from the TU Berlin fostered ties between the teams and opened up exciting opportunities for future collaborations. All in all, this was a valuable experience that brought us even closer together as a team. We look forward to incorporating the lessons learned into our future work and continuing to contribute to the advancement of health economics.

We extend our gratitude to the EuHEA organizers for their excellent coordination of the conference and look forward to participate to the next EuHEA conference.