EuroQol Seed Grant

Investigation potential of clinical dashboards incorporating patient-reported outcome measures

Project description

We are glad to announce that we received seed funding by the EuroQol group for one of our projects, where we investigate the potential of clinical dashboards incorporating patient-reported outcome measures.

The project’s focus lies on clinical dashboards, which are data-driven clinical decision support tools capable of querying multiple databases and providing a visual representation of key performance indicators in a single report. Visualizing data on clinical dashboards has been shown to decrease time spent on data gathering and to improve situation awareness and compliance with evidence-based safety guidelines. The use of PROMs in clinical dashboards supports the clinician’s understanding of how treatments impact symptoms scores and it enables the identification of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) deterioration or improvement at an early stage. In previous literature, the benefit of using disease-specific PROMs in combination with clinical dashboards has been often highlighted, while theEQ-5D - a generic instrument - has only rarely been used despite providing great potential for the comparison of the general health conditions across different patient groups.

To fill this gap, this project aims to evaluate the success factors of the design principles concerning clinical dashboards including generic – i.e., the EQ-5D – and disease-specific PROMs. To evaluate differences in the requirements for the visualization principles in clinical dashboards with respect to the specific treatments, the investigation of the clinical dashboard’s potential is focused on a one-time intervention (i.e., hip and knee arthroplasty) and the long-term management of a chronic disease (i.e., COPD).

The project team foresees a multi-step approach to tackle the research questions. First, the literature review sheds light on relevant aspects to be considered in the expert interviews. Next, the insights of the expert interviews are integrated into the development of prototypes, which are finally evaluated by focus group discussions. This procedure allows to establish a holistic understanding of the incorporation of PROMs into clinical dashboards.

The contribution of this research project is threefold: first, the elaboration of the success factors of clinical dashboards based on a literature review and interviews conducted with clinical experts; second, the inclusion of the EQ-5D into the clinical dashboard, an approach that was rarely considered in recent literature: through the incorporation of the EQ-5D in combination with disease-specific PROMs, the project team proposes a design for clinical dashboards that enhances the informative power and has the potential to improve the clinician’s understanding of the patient’s health status and the tailoring of the treatment pathway to meet the patient’s needs; third, the development of prototypes for both hip and knee arthroplasty and COPD and discuss them in the focus groups, which shall in a later stage function as a basis for building and developing the “real” clinical dashboards.

For further information and in case of any questions, please feel free to reach out to the research group.

Project team

Anja Bischof, Irene Salvi, Dr. David Kuklinski, Dr. Justus Vogel, Prof. Dr. Alexander Geissler

Cooperation partner

EuroQol group

Funding source

EuroQol group


August 2022 - July 2023

EuroQol PhD Network

We are happy to share that two of our PhD students (Anja Bischof & Irene Salvi) were officially announced as EuroQol PhD Network members.
The aim of the Network is to bring students conducting research on the measurement and evaluation of health together and to offer a programme of activities to support their career development. The Network includes members from eight countries such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

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