What if gender can determine the outcome?

Influence of gender on the healing process using the example of hip and knee prostheses

Project description

This research project deals with the influence of gender on the healing process using the examples of hip and knee prostheses. The questions are which variables (pre- but also post-operative, e.g. age, ASA score, etc.) have an influence on the total score as well as the subdimensions of PROMs (Patient-Reported Outcome Measures). Preliminary analyses have shown that male patients often have a better score for the same patient characteristics when compared to female patients. The data come from two hospitals in Germany. 

Project team

Anja Bischof, Viktoria Steinbeck, David KuklinskiProf. Dr. Alexander Geissler

Cooperation partner

Schön Kliniken

Funding source



2021 - 2022