Hospital Structures, Processes, and Operations

The research group Hospital Structures, Processes, and Operations addresses pressing issues both at the hospital system level and at the hospital management level. With our research, we strive to contribute to the improvement of hospital quality and profitability while containing healthcare expenditure increases.

Our research regarding Hospital Structures encompasses hospital capacity and service mandate planning, hospital quality competition, public reporting of hospital quality information, patients’ hospital choice and hospital payment systems.

When investigating Hospital Processes, we are interested in research questions such as the (causal) relationship between process quality, process digitalization, and hospital profitability, or clinical guideline adherence.

Optimizing Hospital Operations in terms of quality of care is currently emerging as a new major research topic for our group. For instance, we are investigating whether optimizing clinical decisions such as the discharge of intensive care unit (ICU) patients can reduce readmissions to the ICU, resolving process bottlenecks.

In our research, we focus on quantitative methods such as machine learning techniques from the class of double robust learners (e.g., causal forest), (offline) policy learners (e.g., policy tree) or positive and unlabeled data learners. Besides, we develop conceptual frameworks, e.g., for health policy refinement, and compile scientific reports.

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The research group is led by Dr. Justus Vogel. For our research, we often rely on strong partnerships with large hospitals. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us in case of questions: